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Thank You Dave And Glenn

As I’ve written previously, I started becoming a big Wizards fan again over the last few seasons. What has helped that along has been the online interaction during games. Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor, the radio broadcasting team for the Wizards, are very interactive with their listeners, which in turn, leads to interaction among the listeners. We have a twitter party during every game. Last Friday night the Washington Wizards were in town playing the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. I had tweeted at Dave and Glenn that I would be at the game and would love to meet them if possible, They agreed and I had more reason to be excited about the game.

I got to the game early and tweeted them that I was there, but that the ushers wouldn’t let me down to the broadcasting area. They said to sit tight and they would be out in a bit. I honestly didn’t expect much as these guys had a game to call. I figured they would come out, there would be a quick conversation and a photo to tweet out to everyone. Short and sweet and then I would head to my seat for the game. I was wrong.

A little later, Dave came out and came up to meet me and Glenn followed shortly thereafter. We chatted for a bit and I gave them the Twizzlers and Red Vines I promised them. They suggested going down to the broadcast area on the floor and thankfully, the usher, who had heard our conversation, was more than happy to let me head down there. What? I’m going down to the floor? To the broadcast area? Works for me. I’m a huge radio junkie, so seeing Dave and Glenn’s setup for how they call the game was very cool. We decided we needed a picture and we started harassing people to take our picture.

People noticed how much fun we were having and started getting in pictures with us. It’s was just a wonderful experience.

I noticed that Dave and Glenn were being told that they were about to go live for a pre-game segment and I figured that was it and was ready to head to my seat. Again, I was wrong.

Dave told me to pull up a chair and sit down at the broadcasting table. What? You guys are going live and you want me to sit here? Okay, you got it. I will sit here and keep my mouth shut, not move and just try and blend in. What’s that? You want me to put on these headphones? That makes sense. I know my radio and I need those to hear everyone including the crew back in D.C. I next hear Ben Raby in my ear. They let us know we’re going live and Dave hands me a microphone. WHAT?!?!?!!? You want me to talk? Dave and Glenn have been a broadcasting team for the Wizards for seven years and you want the guy who did two years of college radio 20 years ago to chime in? Count me in!

Dave let’s everyone know that I am with them and immediately we’re asked if I brought Pamela Anderson with me. Sorry, all I’ve got are Twizzlers and Red Vines, but they let me stay. I probably wouldn’t have said anything at all, but Dave asked me a question and that was it. I know I can start rambling, especially when talking about things I’m passionate about, so I tried to keep it short and sweet. I don’t know how long I talked, but it seemed like forever. Surprisingly the nerves went away real quick, but I was worried about saying something stupid. We talked about how Steve Nash’s return would spark the Lakers and I know I mentioned that Nick Young, because he was playing against his former team, could go off for 40 (he had 21).

After we wrapped the segment, they thanked me, I repeat, THEY THANKED ME. It was now time to head to my seat to watch the game. I was on Cloud 9. I just got to combine two of my biggest passions, sports and radio and I don’t think I embarrassed myself. I really can’t explain what a big deal this was for me. I have always been a radio person. I remember being part of Don Geronimo’s in-studio audience back in his old WAVA days and I did two years of radio on WUVT while at Virginia Tech. I always used to call in to DC101 all the time and had a good rapport with all of the deejays, but this was different. While I didn’t actually call the game, it was the next best thing. Talk about living the dream. It is easily one of the top two things I have done since moving to LA (going to the premiere of American Reunion and after party with Shannon Elizabeth was pretty damn cool).

Dave and Glenn are stand up guys. True professionals whose passion for the game and team comes through in every broadcast. They also appreciate their fans to no end. They keep us involved with the game and that means a lot. I can’t ever thank them enough for letting me be a part of their broadcast. Thank you Dave and Glenn. My words, written and spoken, can not convey how much it all meant to me.


Dave was kind enough to send me an mp3 file from Friday's pre-game. Click the link below and have a listen. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Wizards/Lakers Pre-Game

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