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Big Brother Season 14 Premiere

I’m writing this based on what airs on CBS. I have the feeds, but will not post spoilers. If you want spoilers, you should subscribe to the feeds from SuperPass. It’s well worth it. While you’re at it, you should be checking out Reality Nation. They’ve got the skinny not just on Big Brother, but on EVERYTHING when it comes to reality television. They’re in the know because they’ve been there.

Last night was the premiere of Big Brother Season 14. I have been a fan of the show since the beginning, but lately it seems like the show has been a rut. I think a show loses a lot when the players, who are supposed to be expecting the unexpected, can pretty much predict every little thing that is going to happen on the show. Also, when you keep bringing in the same contestants over and over again, it gets old. I was very skeptical about this season of BB. There were A LOT of rumors floating around before this season about possible changes and story lines. I tried to not pay attention to them, but when they are all over, it’s hard to avoid them all without going dark.

Last night’s episode began with Julie Chen promising all new twists and changes for this season’s houseguests.  I’ve heard that one before, but I’m obviously not going to give up on the show five minutes in. The show starts with everyone filing into the house and picking their bedrooms. They enter 4 HGs at a time which puts the last 4 at an immediate disadvantage. The first in get first crack at the best beds and more importantly, the best bedroom. The HGs all introduce themselves (you can meet them here) to each other and that’s when gameplay begins. A few start with the first lie when telling everyone what they do for a living. Everyone was happiest when Joe said he was a chef. This was a huge contrast to when Ashley said she did spray tans. It got quiet and you could hear someone say, “That’s it?”

After the HGs got settled, Julie addressed them to let them know about the first twist of the season. There would be four returning BB HGs. The returning players would not be competing against the new HGs (thank God), but would be there to coach them. The four returning represent three of the top 5 players of all time. Boogie, Janelle and Dan were back in the house. The fourth was Britney. I have nothing against Britney, but she’s not a person I think of when I think of some of the best players of all time. The returning players will be playing for their own prize of $100,000, if one of the players they’re coaching wins BB14. 

Julie then let everyone know that the coaches would be picking their players and the first competition would be that night. The second big twist was announced as well. Someone would be going home that night. A draft was held where the coaches picked their players one at a time. I’m kind of surprised, in today’s society, that they actually let someone be picked last, but they did and that person was Jodi. The teams were:

Team Britney:  Shane, JoJo and Willie

Team Boogie:  Frank, Ian and Jenn

Team Janelle:  Wil, Ashley and Joe

Team Dan:    Kara, Danielle and Jodi

Now it was time for the first competition. HGs would have to run and climb over three moving beds to get to a big bin filled with giant stuffed teddy bears and return with a bear. Each player would have to get their own bear and the coaches would not be competing. Julie informed them that after 20 minutes, if a team hadn’t finished, they could substitute one player who had finished for a player who hadn’t. She also let them in on the third twist of the night. The coach of the winning team would select one of his or her players to be the first Head of Household and that the losing coach would be sending one of their players home for good (no Redemption Island here). The game begins and it’s rough going for everyone. Britney’s team takes an early lead as Dan’s team struggles. After 20 minutes, no team had finished and teams quickly switched out players. Team Britney pulled out a win over Team Janelle with Team Boogie finishing third and Team Dan bringing up the rear. (It should be noted that Britney picked first and Dan picked last. Did that have anything to do with it? I don’t know. Just pointing it out.)

Britney now needed to pick someone from her team to be the first HoH. She selected Willie. Willie is the brother of Russell Hantz of Survivor fame. A few people have picked up on the fact that Willie looks and sounds just like Russell, but he’s not saying anything. BB gave Dan some time to figure out who he was sending home first. He told the Diary Room that he would not be sending home Kara and that it would be between Jodi and Danielle. He talked to the two of them and they, unsurprisingly, threw each other under the bus. Julie gathered everyone back in the living room for Dan to announce who he was evicting. Dan selected Jodi and she was out the door.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the first episode. Big Brother delivered. I’m not too keen on the idea of having coaches, but I’m willing to give it a chance. What I do like is that the coaches picked their own players after it looked like some of the players had started forming unofficial alliances based on the group they entered the house with. I also like that someone went home the first night. In the previews for the rest of the season, it sounded like there could be a time when the Power of Veto will not be able to save someone. If that’s the case, I will be quite happy. 

As to who I like and who I think has a chance to win, I’m not completely sure yet, but I kind of like Danielle and Frank. I have a strong feeling JoJo and Jenn will wear on me because they will try too hard to play a character. Joe is someone I could see flying under the radar, but he’s on Janelle’s team and she was never one to do that. Of course Janelle could have her two other players take the heat to let Joe coast and win the whole thing. Boogie has three distinct personalities on his team. That could help his team build relationships in the house. Britney has what I believe to be three dominating personalities that could try and run rough over the rest of the house. Ironic based on Britney’s play when she was on the show. Dan’s team, well, they’re in trouble. They are already down a person and based on one episode, don’t have a physically dominating type of team. The flip side is that they may not be targets early since they’re already down a player. He’s also got two smaller girls which tend to do well in endurance competitions.

Overall, I was very happy with last night’s episode and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

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