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Radio Party Drinking Game Rules


For a few seasons now, I’ve been listening to Dave Johnson (@davejsports) and Glenn Consor (@gctalks) call Washington Wizards games on the radio. They’ve developed a nice following and the broadcasts have been dubbed the Radio Party. We all listen, from wherever we all and follow along on Twitter. We “check in” (but can never leave) with Dave and Glenn and interact with them and all the other listeners through out the game. I thought I had read that someone had once started a Dave Johnson drinking game, but I could never find anything on it. Not sure how we’ve been able to have a (radio) party this long without a drinking game, so with the help of Radio Party regular Anna (@lilwolf30) , I present to you the Unofficial Official Radio Party Drinking Game. I’m sure we’ve missed a few classics and some were left off on purpose (if we have too many, we might as well just hook up alcoholic IVs), but the great thing about a drinking game is that the rules can be changed at any time. 

Drink Once for:

  • It’s There
  • Slam Left Hand
  • Slam Right Hand
  • Dave’s Abacus
  • Dave’s Pancreas
  • Glenn insults Dave
  • Dave insults Glenn
  • Attack Mode
  • Hashtag
  • You receive a shoutout
  • Dave RTs you
  • Glenn RTs you
  • Big Fella
  • Multitasking
  • SkinsMama tells us not to move (or to just pause)
  • Twizzlers/Red Vines
  • Volleyball
  • And 1
  • Stay in the driveway
  • Raining in the desert
  • Monumental rewards
  • Dunkin Donuts 

Drink Twice for:

  • Slam Two Hands (two hands, two drinks)
  • No internet at the arena
  • Get it under 10 points by end of period
  • Your tweet is read on air
  • You win a Kia t-shirt



Social Media Angst

I deactivated my facebook account (again) because it became annoying (again). I realize that it is partly my fault. I don’t use the site very often and, outside of one or two posts a year, the only way I post to the site is through twitter. I used it mostly to follow my family and a few people back home. Throughout the years, I deleted a few “friends” as I realized that these were people that I had never met, weren’t really friends with, didn’t really care about or they didn’t care about me. That’s the reality of it. I guess some people use it to stalk others.

I got tired of people wanting to be my “friend” as soon as they met me. I admit that I used to be one of those people. Years ago I friended a bunch of people I used to work with, people I went to school with and people I currently work with. I even, like a lot of people, started adding people that I met through other social media sites, but had never met in real life, It was another way to stay in touch. But do people really care what others are up to or is it really more about making sure everyone else knows what you’re up to? I stopped accepting friend requests because there was no reason to accept them. I know it’s just facebook, but some people take it very seriously and personally if you don’t accept their request.

I got tired of being called names for stating my opinion or asking a question. Yes, this happens on all social media (nature of the beast), but it’s been my experience that it happens more on facebook. Recently, over different platforms, I have been called an asshole, ignorant, bigot, immature, stupid and a few other things. I’ve been called just about every name in the book, but the funny (haha) thing about the name calling and insults is that some of it has come from people I would consider friends and they weren’t doing it in a friendly manner. Not facebook friends mind you, but actual real friends. The name calling also usually comes from people who preach acceptance, diversity and are against bullying. I don’t need this over social media, but then again, who does?

Does anyone really need social media to connect with the people you see and talk to almost every day? I have a friend that I have known for over 25 years that is on no social media. While there is a small part of me that thinks she is crazy, there is a much bigger part of me that respects and admires it. She says that if she wants to know what’s going on with people, she’ll call them or maybe send an email. What a novel concept. A guy that I’ve known for about 15 years called me the other day because he was thinking about me and he wanted to know how I was doing. He didn’t want to tell me about anything going on with him, he just wanted to say hi and make sure I was doing okay. That doesn’t happen very often anymore. I would call people more to check in, but I’m not big on talking on the phone and I always feel like I’m interrupting something.

I know that sometimes I get stuck in the past and long for days gone by, but I’m tired being around people who are constantly on their phones or feel the need to take pictures (not just selfies) of every little thing. I know times have changed and we’re not back in the 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s, but come on people. Social media used to be a phone tree. Now it’s posting something on multiple sites, multiple times and then sometimes even following up with people, via social media, to make sure they saw what you posted and possibly even questioning why they didn’t click the “Like” button. I used to be the guy who would go to a show and almost be more concerned about getting a good video of a certain song. I wanted to be able to share the experience with everyone who couldn’t be there, but if I (or you) am more concerned with getting the perfect shot, am I really enjoying the show? And the people that go to events and spend so much time getting the perfect selfie, couldn’t they just stay at home and do that?  Facebook is even considering some sort of “dislike” button because what could go wrong with that.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has introduced me to many things and people that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. I’ve actually even made real friends from social media. This is a good thing. In the 7.5 years I’ve been on twitter, I’ve definitely changed how I used it. It used to be a way to try and meet people. I would follow a lot of people and hope they would follow back (and wonder why they wouldn’t if they didn’t). I used to try and read every tweet because i didn’t want to miss out on any single thing. I would tweet, on average, over 50 times a day. Most of those would be directed at someone, but if I didn’t tweet that much, I felt like I wasn’t using twitter enough. This days are long gone. Do I still keep an eye on my followers and how many I follow? Yes, but for different reasons now. I’ve been cutting back on the number of people I follow so as not to have my timeline filled up with too much crap.

I find twitter useful because it’s where I get most of my news, especially breaking news. I also follow people with different views, partly to hear what they have to say, but also to try and understand their viewpoint. After all, if you only read things or listen to people you agree with, what are you learning? Twitter is not without it’s faults though. What social media platform isn’t. One of the things I find annoying about twitter is people who tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to tweet. I followed a guy, who followed me, who used to tweet to his followers that he didn’t want to see certain things in his timeline. Not sure why he felt the need to broadcast this because it was his own fault. If he didn’t want to see something in his timeline, stop following accounts that post it. I stopped following him and I didn’t have to deal with it anymore. He stopped following me shortly after I unfollowed him.

Another thing I love about social media are the people who feel the need to tell people they’re being blocked or unfollowed? I’ve never understood this. Are you trying to make yourself feel better? Make the other person feel less important? Why does it matter? If you feel the need to block someone or unfollow them, just do it. It’s social media for Christ sake. No one really cares.

I’m not sure what all I’m trying to say by writing all this out. Of course I’m going to post this on my website and then to twitter (and maybe other sites) and while I don’t care if you read it, I also hope that many people do, but I won’t lose any sleep if no one does (I gave up trying to write stuff I think people would like to read). We all use too much social media to begin with. Why are we so focused on everyone else? Whether it be what they are saying or if they’re reading or looking at what we posted. I remember a public figure once telling me that they had to have accounts on certain social media platforms and be active on them. I feel bad for them. Social media should be a choice. You choose which platforms you want to use, who you follow, who follows you and what you want to post. You should also allow that for others. If you can’t follow that, maybe social media isn’t for you. Of course I’m not telling anyone how to do social media. There’s enough people out there already doing that.


Big Brother All-Stars 2

For the last few years, fans of Big Brother have been clamoring for another season of All-Stars. Some, including myself, have said we don’t really need it since Big Brother keeps bringing back returning players, but maybe it’s time. Julie Chen said in a recent interview that she would like to bring back every single winner and have them battle it out. Sounds good in principle, but I don’t think it sounds all that exciting and quite honestly, I don’t know how well it would work. We also know not all of them would want to do it. Sure, we would all love to see Will, Dan, Derrick, Dick and Ian battle it out, but that will never happen, so why bother.

I imagine that every Big Brother fan has, at some point, come up with a list of HGs they would want to see for an All-Star season. I never made one, but after Julie put it out there, I decided I would make one. I have no criteria for being on All-Stars 2 other than I only selected from Season 8 and on. I purposely avoided those who have been on more than once (the only exception was Dick from S8, but I don’t think he’d do it and I don’t know if he’d be allowed to, so I didn’t include him). Some of the people I picked are former winners, but most are not. I did try and pick HGs that people know and remember and trust me, these are not all my favorites. It’s heavy towards the more recent seasons, but that’s because I can’t remember who was who from Seasons 8-10. I also purposely left off some who I know or thought would never return to the house, even if I thought they belonged.

I figure there should be 16 people in the house, 8 girls and 8 guys, but my list includes more than 16. I also don’t think there should be more than 2 people from any one season. We’re in the middle of S17, so the 2 people I picked from this season are based on what I’ve seen so far. With that being said, here is my list, by season.

Season 8 Jameka

Season 8 Zach

Season 8 Eric

Season 9 James

Season 9 Natalie

Season 10 Michelle

Season 10 Keesha

Season 10 Memphis

Season 11 Ronnie

Season 11 Kevin

Season 12 Matt 

Season 13 Shelly

Season 13 Kalia

Season 13 Adam

Season 14 Ian

Season 14 Frank

Season 14 Danielle

Season 14 Jodi

Season 15 Gina Marie

Season 15 Helen

Season 15 Judd

Season 15 McCrae

Season 16 Derrick

Season 16 Zach

Season 16 Caleb

Season 17 Jason

Season 17 Shelli

I’ve listed 27 Houseguests to pick from. The ones in bold are the ones I would I (think I would) want in the house. Yes, I broke one of my rules by having 3 HGs from S14, but Jodi gets the exemption. I left out a bunch of my favorites and some who I thought were good players, but that’s the way these lists go. Yes, I picked Jodi from S14. I think we all feel that she got the shaft. She should definitely be allowed to play again and I’d even be willing to guarantee her safety from the first eviction. Who would you want to see in the house for All-Stars 2?


The Breakfast Club

Tonight I saw The Breakfast Club in the theater. For the first time. I think that will surprise just about everyone one I know. I honestly can not recall seeing it when it first came out. Seeing it tonight gave me such a greater appreciation for it than I already had. I’ve always said that it was easily in my Top 5 movies of all time, but after tonight, it’s definitely number one. John Hughes is a genius and it shows in The Breakfast Club, for me, more than his other movies (Animal House is close).

It seems a bit weird that my favorite movie is one that I never saw in the theater (until now).I think a big part of it goes way back, to a summer many years ago. A summer when a group of us watched the movie almost every single night. We didn’t just watch it once, we watched 2, 3, 4 times a night. I’m really surprised we didn’t wear out the tape. While some of the people in our group changed throughout that summer, there was a core group of four. Debbie, Amy, Chris and I would watch over and over and over again, learning every line and repeating them right along with the movie. It would bug some people when they watched it with us for the first time, but we didn’t care. I know we tried to watch it without repeating the lines, but that never worked because someone would always break. That was  a very special time, a happy time. Something I will never forget.

To this day, I still quote parts of the movie in normal conversation even though people have no idea I’m doing it. It’s okay, it brings a smile to my face anyway as it reminds me of that summer. That’s part of why it’s my favorite movie, the time in my life and the people I watched it with. It’s not just a movie, but an experience. One that can easily be recalled and always make me smile. Thank you to everyone I watched The Breakfast Club with that summer. While we may not have stayed in touch over the years, your friendship at the time and the experience we shared means more than you know.


One Season At A time Wizards Fans

Washington Wizards fans need to STFU about Kevin Durant. There, I said it. Just shut up. Maybe it’s easy for me to say this since I don’t live in the area anymore, but it’s true. I get it, you want Durant to come play for the Bullets. You want him to “come home” just like LeBron did for Cleveland. First of all, any comparisons between James going back to Cleveland, where he started his career, and Durant coming to Washington are baseless. You just make yourself look silly.

Secondly, Durant is under contract with another team for another year. You’re getting ahead of yourselves. Too much can change in that time. Just wait it out and give it some time. It will play out the way it should.

Lastly, stop disrespecting the current team. This team has gone through a complete transformation over the last few years. All of the fans have had to deal with so much BS and knuckleheads on the team and over the last 2-3 seasons and we have all seen that change. Last season we, as fans, got a taste of what this team could be and what it could do. This year, they’re building on that. We’ve seen players continue to develop (Seraphin) and new players brought in to provide leadership and a spark (Pierce, Humphries). The team is relevant again and this is a great thing.

The current players need and DESERVE your respect. No, there’s nothing wrong with improving your team and adding a player of Kevin Durant’s talents would probably do that, but we don’t know that. What about team chemistry? You don’t automatically just get better by adding better players. Have you seen what’s happening in Cleveland?

There’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the future of this team, but we should be focused on the current players. This team, as it is, has a good chance of getting to the Eastern Conference Championship and possibly even winning the conference. If someone had told me five years ago that that was possible, I would have laughed at them. Enjoy the ride Bullets fans, this team is getting better as it is. We can worry about Kevin Durant and what he might or might not do, next season.